Pilot tree nursery nursery in Kumbo, NW Region


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Tree planting projects have been supported by the Charity in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.


This small pilot project was established in 1999 at Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon to provide information in support of an application to the Community Fund (Now named the Big Lottery Fund) by the Future in Our Hands E&D Fund to address serious social and environmental problems created by the spread of eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus trees, introduced in the early 1900’s, have spread throughout the district and have reduced crop yields and lowered water tables during the dry season.  The outcome has been that many thousands of women have had to walk up to 15 miles to find new farming areas in warmer low-lying areas with snakes, mosquitoes and polluted water sources.

A second pilot project was established and the two combined raised  50, 000 seedlings (20 different tree species) were established.   These projects also involved the felling of 30,000 eucalyptus trees which were replaced by the trees from the nursery for agroforestry.   The large projects which were subsequently approved felled 1,017,200 eucalyptus and raised 2,624,000 indigenous trees for agroforestry and water catchment protection. 

A farmer describes the uses of several species:



Pygum africanus seedlings from the nursery are outplanted onto Council land cleared of eucalyptus trees.  The photo on the right shows three year old trees.  Some of the other species are illustrated below:

acacia angrosima acacia spectabilis albizia apple bottle brush calliandra coffee cordia croton glyrisidia grevillea jakaranda kighiy kiivu kindzevi maesopsis mahogany podocarpus polisia umbrella tree vitex vocanga-femalevocanga-male

Acacia angrosima; acacia spectabilis; albizia; apple; bottle brush; calliandra; coffee; cordia; crfoton; glyrisidia; grevillia; jakaranda; kighiy; kiivu; kindzev i; maesopsis; mahogany; podocarpus; polisia; umbrella tree; vitex, vocanga-female; vocanga – male.

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