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Plant a Tree in Africa projects
Tree planting projects have been supported by the Charity in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Sierra Leone
A PATIA funded project supported a group of young people in Bo who had formed a group named We Care, led by Mamawa Fawundu.  The group established a community nursery for reforestation.

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Public participation requires a process of education to inform people about their environment and means of protecting it, and to encourage them to participate in environmental protection efforts.  This project’s goal was to enable 20 community youths in the Kandeyella section in Bo to participate in the establishment of a community tree nursery that would raise 4,000 seedlings to be distributed to primary schools for planting during the 2006 National Tree Planting Programme.  Youths wrote short papers on their experiences of how to germinate and care for trees.

The project involved:
— establishing a 0.205-hectare nursery in the Kandeyella community in Bo.
— transporting manure to the nursery site.
— filling 4,000 polythene bags with manure
— pre-treating the seeds.
— seed sowing.
— shed construction.
— watering of seeds and seedlings.
— weeding, scraping and brushing in and around the nursery.
— distribution of seedlings.

The direct beneficiaries of the project included 20 youths in the Kandeyella community.  Indirectly 20 selected primary schools in the township of Bo benefited from planting the trees in school surroundings.

Miss Edna Mamawa Fawundu who was a Secondary school pupil at the Harford School for Girls in Moyamba, later formed the Sorbeh Nyagah Women’s Organisation

A village well was established by the Organisation with a grant from PATIA in 2010.   In addition to  moringa and acacia seedlings a large stock of cashew nut seedlings were distributed to the community.

Project summary:
The project purpose was to enable local school children to improve their environment mainly through tree planting.   Other major components of this project were environmental education, organic farming, proper waste disposal and energy saving technologies.
The project has increased the understanding of the value of tree planting and many people will be involved in planting them on farms and homesteads.

The rate of deforestation is high so we want to, plant trees for ecological balance i.e. 10% forest cover.
To enlighten the communities against deforestation
To plant trees which will assist to absorb greenhouse gases
To increase the communities income through the sale of timber, firewood, fruits, medicinal products etc
To create food security.  This is nutritional value from fruits
Aesthetic beauty i.e. the green cover
Conservation of bio-diversity

Establishment of tree nurseries
Tree planting
Education and sensitization
Program expansion

Nurseries establishment and management:

Labour: Sorbeh Nyagah Women’s Organisation has 45 members who normally provide labour for the nurseries i.e. preparing the nurseries, bagging, transplanting, watering, and security.   In addition, the group mobilize schools and churches to assist.

Land: Sorbeh Nyagah has contacted various schools management and Chiefs who have agreed to give them space for the nurseries establishment.

Tools & Equipments: Sorbeh is intending to mobilize funds from well-wishers to buy tools e.g. cutlasses, hoes, shovels, spades, wheelbarrows, watering cans, horse pipes etc.

Seeds: The group is already in partnership with the Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry who will donate some seeds to the group.   However, the group will be buying the seeds that are not available from the Ministry.

Manure: For production of healthy seedlings, the group prepares compost manure for the nurseries

The group is intending to expand its activities to the four districts of the southern region and encourage women all over to participate.  This will be achieved by networking with youth groups and schools from different districts in the country.   Also, it will use media campaigns to advocate and mobilize people to participate.
The group is intending to develop a website with various issues about the environment.
Potting Bags: The group is intending to buy a sealing machine that they will be using to make the potting bags.   Plastic bags will be acquired from the streets in Bo as there are thousands of water plastic bags thrown in the streets after drinking.

Nursery Shades & Seedlings Racks: The group will construct shades to protect the seedlings and will make raised racks to keep the seedlings till they mature for field planting.

The trees will be used to promote afforestation in schools and the group also intends to sell the seeds to public and private institutions at a subsidized fee.   Also, the trees will be planted during the National Tree Planting Day and occasions like Environment Day, etc.  The group will mobilize school clubs, and environmental clubs to plant trees on these occasions.
The group will sensitize the communities and give them trees to plant in their homes free.
The group is intending to sell the seedlings to companies and lead agencies that are intending to promote afforestation.

Rural Communities: The group will organize visits to different rural areas to promote agro-forestry.   Seminars and workshops will be held to sensitize/train the communities.   Seedlings will be given out for free to the communities to plant in their farms during the seminars and workshops.
Educational Institutions:  The group will encourage environment clubs in primary and secondary schools and organize competitions including environmental essays.

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