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Plant a Tree in Africa projects
Tree planting projects have been supported by the Charity in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

PATIA provided a small grant to Sylivester Nyinyimbe and his friends to establish a tree nursery in the Bunda district, situated about 15 Km from Lake Victoria.  
tanzania.patia. Planting seedlingsPopulation increase has led to rapid deforestation in this once forested area.  Trees needed for fuel in cooking and brick firing now have to be obtained from much further afield.
Deforestation of the upper slopes has reduced the ability of the ground to retain water during the dry season.

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Sylivester has been interested in tree planting since his youth and wants to enlarge his nursery so that he can sell saplings at low cost in order to promote the reforestation of the area.

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In 2003, with the aid of another grant from PATIA, the group expanded its tree nurseries and distributed a variety of tree species to people in the community.  
The species raised included orange, annona muricata, terminalia brownii, terminalia sercea, grevillea robusta, casuarina miontana, kharya nyasica, milicia excelsa and lemon.

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  1. Khanya nyasica (khanya authotheca, African mahogany) – Firewood, timber for furniture, panelling, boat building, posts, flooring, medicine, shade, ornamental.   Weathers well and resists termites. Fast growing.
  2. Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) – Fruit
  3. Citrus lemon (Lemon) – Firewood, fruit, flavouring, oil, medicine, ornamental, perfume.
  4. Milicia excelsa (chlorophora excelsa, mvule) – Firewood, charcoal, timber, shade, ornamental, shade.   The wood is hard, durable, termite resistant and resembles teak.   Therefore it is a highly valuable timber used especially for quality outdoor and indoor furniture.   Fast growing compared to other hardwood trees.
  5. Terminalia sercea (silver terminalia) – Firewood, charcoal, timber, poles, posts, tool handles, bee forage, rope, dyes.   This species grows well in poor soils not suitable for farming.
  6. Annona muricata (soursop) – Fruit
  7. Grevillea robusta (grevillea, silky oak) – Firewood, charcoal, timber, veneer, plywood, tool handles, fodder, bee forage, soil conservation, shade, ornamental, mulch, windbreak.   This tree is important for farmers as a general utility timber and for dry season fodder.   Relatively easy to establish and manage.   When grown with food crops branches are pruned and pollarded to reduce competition with crops.   Moderate to fast growing.
  8. Terminalia brownii – Firewood, charcoal, timber, poles, posts, tool handles, utensils, medicine, fodder, mulch, soil improver, shade, dyes.   Good for agroforestry, drought and termite resistant.  In spite of its dense canopy crops grow well in its shade.

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