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Tree planting projects have been supported by the Charity in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.


Container planting

Container planting

The Fruit Tree Project involves growing improved citrus, mango, guava, pawpaw (papaya), avocado, and apple trees in Hatcliff and Domboshava.  While some fruit trees grow naturally in Zimbabwe, some are often poorly managed, and some suffer from viruses which mean they do not produce fruit.   Fruit Tree Project is establishing improved fruit trees which:
· Produce a greater crop yield.
· Have a stronger resistance to viruses.
· Are of a much better quality.

In October 2014, Plant a Tree in Africa donated £500 for setting up the fruit tree nursery.  With the money, the organisation purchased shade cloth, poles, planting pockets (tubes) and seeds.

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  1. Bananas   2. Fruit tree nursery   3. Wild loquat   4. Lemon   5. Mango   6. Soil mixture for seedlings

1. To improve nutrition by helping people to grow fruit for their own consumption
2. To generate income for the Fruit Tree Project by producing saplings we can sell
3. To help the environment in Zimbabwe through the planting of trees

Fruit trees are being grown from infancy in the nursery at Hatcliff so that the project team can manage the delicate budding and grafting process.   This requires specialist knowledge, and our team have been trained to take on this role.   From there, fruit trees go to one of the following:
  Fruit trees are being planted in fruit tree orchards.
  Fruit trees are being sold to community groups

It is intended to support schools, farmers, and community groups to grow a variety of fruit trees.

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