Future in Our Hands Cameroon Network – environmental education

Green School Project – empowering youths for the sustainable management of the environment

On the 28th May 2016 Strategic Humanitarian Services, on behalf of the FIOH Cameroon Network, launched an environmental education project in GTC Ntigi School, Bamernda, NW Region.

Poverty and unemployment hit local communities hard. Population pressures add to the problem and millions of hectares of forest are destroyed each year. Many species are threatened with extinction and renewable water sources are diminishing.

Young people as future leaders can bring a halt to the destruction if they are taught to appreciate the importance of the natural environment and the benefits of growing indigenous trees.

Intervention strategy
This project will teach the importance of trees and how to raise them in a school tree nursery. They will also be taught the benefits of growing trees for wildlife and the environment, their relevance to the local economy and the health of the community.


  • establish a nursery of 1,000 trees
  • provide practical training on the collection of seeds, processing, nursing, planting and maintenance of trees
  • Out-plant 200-300 seedlings in the school campus as windbreaks and for ornamental purposes and for fruit
  • encourage students by awarding prizes to those who have demonstrated the most enthusiastic involvement
  • keep FIOH Network members united and active
  • estblish a protocol agreement between the FIOH Network and the school authorities
  • present the project to the school administration, students and teachers
  • purchase equipment and materials
  • provide practical lessons on setting up the nursery including seed collection, processing, nursing different varieties and out-planting
  • sensitise local communities and students through poems, sketches, essays, public events and local radio
  • share experiences with other members of the FIOH Network
  • provide seedlings to students to plant at home
  • award prizes to the 5 best students
  • monitor and evaluate the project at regular intervals
  • assess the impact on the project site.


fiohcamnet-GTCNtigiThe protocol agreement being signed between FIOH members and the school authorities

fiohcamnet-schoolgreenproject-launch2Launch of the project

fiohcamnet-schoolgreenproject-materials-manurejpgCollecting materials an d mixing manure

fiohcamnet-schoolgreenproject-nurseryshedConstruction of nursery shed

fiohcamnet-schoolgreenproject-polypotsFilling polythene pots

fiohcamnet-schoolgreenproject-seedlings2Nursing of seeds

Outplanting is planned for September 2016


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