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PATIA was established in 1986 as a result of an inspiring talk given by the founder of the Kenyan Green Belt Movement, Wangari Maathai, at a conference in London.
A short documentary describing her campaigns can be seen here.

The importance of trees
Trees provide:- fruit and nuts
– leaves and pods for fodder
– bark for medicines and resins for chemicals
– roots for flavourings
– fibres for making ropes
– twigs and branches for kindling
– wood for building construction, carving and making charcoal
– branches for thatch
– poles for building and fencing
– habitats for animals, plants and insects
Many native African trees are capable of ‘fixing’ nitrogen through nodules on their roots. Such trees can be planted to assist the growth of crops (agro-forestry) and prevent erosion.

Although PATIA does not advocate tree planting as a means of offsetting carbon emissions, the important role trees play in sequestering carbon dioxide and providing oxygen should be recognised.  The carbon reservoir in trees is much greater than that in herbacious plants.  Thus planting trees in former treeless land will increase the reservoir of carbon in vegetation.  Sequestration ceases when the trees are mature.  It is estimated that, on average, one tree will sequester one tonne of CO2 during its life.

Trees planted in Africa generally grow quickly and hence start to sequester carbon over a shorter time span than trees planted in cold climates.  Most Africans still use charcoal and wood as their main source of cooking fuel and trees play an important economic role in sustainable rural development.  Hence supporting tree planting helps to relieve the poverty of the world’s poorest people, mainly living in rural areas of Africa.  If nitrogen fixing trees are planted in conjunction with crops (agro-forestry) they will help the crops to grow.  It is estimated that, on average, one tree will sequester one tonne of CO2 during its life.
Most of PATIA’s grants are directed towards community run agro-forestry projects.  So far PATIA has supported projects in Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Cameroon.

How you can help
We welcome your support whether you would like to make an individual donation or would like to become involved in fund-raising for a specific project.
We can supply details of individual small projects and feedback as the project progresses.
Long-term support helps us to plan for the future. If you would like to help in this way you might like to complete a BANKERS ORDER instruction. If you are living in the UK and pay tax at the standard rate or more we can claim an extra 25% from the Inland Revenue at no cost to yourself if you complete a GIFT AID DECLARATION
Both are included on the same  PATIA DONATION FORM.
Please print off from this site and send to the address below (not to your bank).

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