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Children with disabilities are among the most marginalized and excluded groups in society.
Facing daily discrimination in the form of negative attitudes, they have hardly any access to healthcare, education, and even survival, as they are often among the poorest members of the
In Pakistan, there are as many as 27 million people with disabilities, according to a report conducted by the British Council in 2014 out of which only 14% are employed. The ratio of trained psychologists and other relevant therapists is 1 to 230,000 people.
Regarding this situation, we have taken a local initiative, in Multan (South Punjab) where the situation is worse in respect of disability, due to lack of awareness and literacy. We have launched a non-profit project to provide trained psychologists and other intervention therapists to work with underprivileged children with special needs. We work on all types of Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Downs Syndrome.

The idea was inspired by our Ambassador, a family member born with Partial Cerebral Palsy and the difficulty of finding a proper centre for special education and therapies in Multan. Dream
Children was started in 2016 and registered under the name of Peelu Organization. We started with only six children and rose up to forty children with the increase of awareness. Some of our
students have become independent and developed enough to start a normal life and join mainstream schools. In the course of this time, we have had a total of 40 children admissions, and 60 files on the waiting list.
We have been providing various interventions including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, picture exchange communication system, individualized education plan and applied behavioural therapies in group and individual sessions. We believe these children can show positively productive results if given the right attention and interventions at the right time.

Introduction of Peelu Organization:
The name ‘Peelu’ has been taken from Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s poetry. In his poetry he mostly metaphorically & symbolically represented love for Allah, humanity, harmony and peace. Peelu fruit is quite strenuous and laborious to harvest. So it requires collaborative effort, harmony & alliance of a group of people. We metaphorize this Peelu fruit with our Dream
Children who require collective support of the community to make them the productive members of the society.

Peelu fruit

Brief Profile of the Centre

Inauguration ceremony Inauguration ceremony on 30th April 2016

Dream Children Rehabilitation & Special Education
Centre (DCRSEC) in Multan (South Punjab) is the project of
non-profit & non-governmental organization Peelu.
It offers a unique and life-changing service to marginalized children who have Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome & Autism. We are the only organization of this kind in Multan & we are the one which has been first time working on Autism Spectrum Disorder
with our available resources.
We have been using a holistic approach called Conductive
Education. We help disabled children to gain the mobility, selfconfidence and independent life skills so they can achieve their full potential now & in the future.
We have group and sessional activities that teach our children to develop and apply physical skills in everyday situations so they can be as independent as possible. We also have an independent special kindergarten school for these children aged 4-11 in which we have an incorporated individualized educational plan (IEP) combined with conductive education.
Currently we have been catering for forty children using one to one service delivery.

shaista Banu and Commander Multan Veteran singer, Mrs Suraiya Multanikar, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Qari Waheed Zaffar visiting the centre Renowned pediatrician Dr Samia Manzoor

One of our visitors with General Secretary peelu 6 peelu 1

DCRSEC has a staff team comprising teachers, learning support assistants, mealtime supervisor, administrative staff, special education teacher, psychologists, other therapists and technician who are fully supported by a range of other professionals and volunteers. There is provision for speech and language therapy and occupational therapy as well as physiotherapy. We also
have a music therapist; regular visits are made by the Pediatrician & Educational Psychologist. We have a school nurse on site, and are in close contact with the pediatrician.

Our Future Plans
1. Upgrade the centre to a proper school for children who are not
accepted by mainstream schools
2.Expand our facility to a maximum number of children
3.Provide health facilities in the form of an out-door hospital due to their multiple health issues
4. Purpose-built building for special needs
5. Specialized Vocational Centre

We are running our organization on local Zakat and Charities to provide the maximum facilities according to the limited resources at hand. We sponsor one child, whose total expense per month
is around 20 thousand PKR.
We have been trying to reach out around the world for further support and funding to achieve our goals of making this a successful project in Multan (South Punjab).

Areas of Focus
1. Cerebral Plays
2. Down syndrome
3. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
4. Public Awareness Campus
Shaista Bano (President) is receiving the
souvenirs from Ex-Crops Commander
Multan as an acknowledgement of DCRSEC
1. Physiotherapy
2. Occupational Therapy
3. Individualized Education plan(IEP)
4. Speech Therapy
5. Hydrotherapy
6. Music Therapy
7. Art & Play
8. Parent’s Forum
9. Regular Health Checkups
10. Transportation
11. Meal Provision
12. Medicine required in emergency
Shaista Bano (President) Work Placement
at Oakleigh School for Children with
special needs in London (UK)
Professor & renowned pediatrician
Dr. Samia Manzoor
Our Aim
Our aim is to
1. Inspire children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome & Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop their independence, confidence and self-esteem and to achieve their full potential through rehabilitation and individualized special education programs.
2. Reintegrate children to mainstream school after primary education.
3. To provide quality services.
4. Vocational training to those children with learning disabilities and who could not cope with their educational plans.
One of our Visitors with Dream Children (MMDC) & General Secretary of our organization:Veteran Singer Mrs Suraiya multanikar (Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and good
will Ambassador) & Qari Waheed Zaffar (Pride of
Performance) visited the centre


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