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The FIOH International Network
is a network  of FIOH groups, non-government organisations, and individuals from around the world having a similar approach to development and world problems.  The FIOH Network has one UK affiliated charity:

  1. The Future in Our Hands Education and Development Fund [Registered charity No. 1047953]

The Network has arisen from the work of the UK branch of FIOH which was formed in 1982.
The main purpose of this web site is to bring to a wider audience a variety of perspectives and practical experiences on social justice and care for the natural environment.  Many of these perspectives represent the overriding concern of the FIOH movement for the world’s poorest people.  Hence this site will not only show the personal testimonies of the main participants in the network, but also case histories of individuals who have suffered from poverty, exploitation or repression.  This is an attempt to reflect the solidarity that exists between those who wish to see changes in exploitative global economic and political structures and those who are its chief victims.

The administrative centre for this network (outside of Scandinavia)  is also the office of the the Future in Our Hands Education and Development Fund.

Future in Our Hands [FIOH] is an international movement committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations and a fair distribution of wealth globally.  The movement originated in Norway where it has about 25,000 members.











The work of FIOH is centred around three main activities:

  • Encouraging the reduced consumption of natural resources by the affluent in society to protect the environment and the world’s poor, with a greater focus on quality of life as opposed to material gain.
  • Campaigning for fairer systems of global wealth creation and distribution that will enable the poor to improve their living conditions and do not prejudice the ability of future generations to obtain their basic needs.
  • Promoting a way of life in all sectors of world society based on human values including co-operation, sharing, solidarity, fellowship, compassion and honesty.