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A NEW YEAR REFLECTION – A poem by Mike Thomas

Diminishing gas and not much oil

Would pose a future world of endless toil

Of coal there is yet no dearth

Its use helps to burn a warming Earth

Rising seas wont douse the flames

Yet serve to stifle human aims

As islands drown and defences breach

The centres of power the tide will reach

The seaside is no place of fun

The water’s too deep and the sand has all gone

Half the world soaks in torrential rain

The other suffers endless pain

With drought that seems to have no end

Migration beckons round the bend

An economic system has unfurled

Fuels gross inequality across the world

A spark of hope quickly passes

As the world is cloaked by greenhouse gases

This is no soothing duvet

But heralds instead a future doomsday

But who-oh who, is going to listen

The birds still sing and the raindrops glisten

We fly to the Sun to escape the cold

To sparkling seas and sunsets of gold

Or venture North for lights in the sky

That arouse the mind and delight the eye

What can convince those still in denial

Of a future that looks so ugly and vile?  

“No need to worry its all just fake news

Many experts have different views

Climate science has got it so wrong

Fossil fuels make us humans so strong!!”

What have we heard in twenty nineteen?

All the wrong records we have seen

For floods, heat and drought and widespread migration

Victims in almost every nation

To political leaders we cannot turn

If we rely on them the Earth will burn

The pot of solutions almost empty

As we start the year of twenty twenty

Australia starts with fireworks displays

While burning trees form a poisonous haze

And thousands are forced to flee to the beach

To run from their homes the flames will reach

Ice from the Poles the warmth will prise

As ocean sea levels continue to rise

A change in the water from salt to clear

May cause a change many scientists fear

A warming stream changes direction

As northern people engage in deep reflection

Its no longer heat that causes a rage

As they start to experience a new ice age

Many sites and resorts once renowned

Are flooded and then eventually drowned

As one year ends and another begins

We must not hide from all our sins

But embrace the new year in a spirit of hope

We cannot clutch at a saving rope

No prospect of endless electricity

Prepare the way for voluntary simplicity

Acknowledge the gains we made in the past

From coal and oil and natural gas

The future beckons a new approach

The natural world we no longer poach

The wealth we create is there to share

For the poor and sick we must always care

Live as if we understand the natural world on which we depend

Not an enemy from which we try to defend

From the powerful forces of wind and heat

We cannot run, yet alone beat

Say no to fear, competition and greed

And start to sew a different seed

Future kids regarded just like our own

Will benefit from those seeds we’ve sown

We must not reflect on our own self concern

Our Earth will provide what we can never earn

A change in perception has just begun

More renewable energy from the wind and sun

But will this be enough to save us from human insanity?

We must understand the need for growing biodiversity

Crops must be drawn from a wider range

In adapting to the impacts of climate change 

From wasteful consumption rich nations must turn

From indigenous peoples we can often learn

Economic growth we cannot sustain

From a simple life the rich world can gain

From wasteful consumption we must run

Humans must begin to act as one

Resist the urge to reach for the stars

Imagine we are faced by a threat from Mars

Greta urges a human desire

“To act as if our house were on fire”.

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