Reducing personal carbon emissions

carbon emissions

The figures shown below give an approximation of what average reductions in energy (and hence carbon emissions) might result from UK individuals by taking the following actions:

20 kWh/day – Put on a wooly jumper and turn down your heatings thermostat (to 15 or 17 deg C say). Make sure the heating is off when noone is in the house.

35 kWh/day – Stop flying

20 kWh/day – Drive less. Drive more slowly, drive more gently, car pool, join a car club, walk, use trains and buses. Use an electric car.

4 kWh/day – Change lights to fluorescent or LED

20 kWh/day – Dont buy clutter. Avoid packaging.

10 kWh/day – Eat vegetarian six days out of ten.

5 kWh/day – Eliminate draughts.

10 kWh/day – Double glazing.

10 kWh/day – Improve wall, roof and floor insulation.

8 kWh/day – Solar hot water panels.

5 kWh/day – Photovoltaic panels.

10 kWh/day – Replace fossil fuel heating by ground-source or air-source heat pumps.

The figures above illustrate the importance of reducing travel by car and plane.


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