Reducing carbon emissions


Each year the devastating effects of  droughts, flooding, rising sea levels and cyclones are increasing.  There is a growing consensus amoung scientists that these severe climate changes are attributable mainly to human created carbon emmissions.  The human abilty to reduce these trends appears to be diminishing with each passing year and economic cost of adapting to climate change compounds the the suffering of the world’s poorest people. How can we respond?

The following book by Michael Thomas (shown here as a pdf document) contains many practical ideas, from the international to the local personal level, for reducing carbon emmissions. He also provides a perspective on the many injustices and negative environmental impacts of global systems of trade and finance.
The book includes some accounts of the author’s own experiences monitoring the overseas projects funded by the two development charities he helped to establish.

The book has 320 pages and is arranged in 10 chapters with a comprehensive bibliography.


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