The schedule below shows details of the treatment of disabled people (mainly children) between July 2021 and April 2022 including the children that were still following treatment when the report of July 2021 was sent and what happened to them since then.  The children that were admitted for treatment after the report of July 2021 to date are also shown.

With the slow-down  of Covid-19 infections and the arrival of the new vehicle, the number of children coming for treatment has steadily increased. The vehicle donated by Survive Miva shown permitted us to reach distant villages that we have been unable to visit due to bad roads. In those villages we meet hundreds of children needing our services, unfortunately we will not be able to cope with all those children because of the limited resources we have. The assistance we received from FIOH has been significantly reduced due to the economic recession following the Covid-19 epidemic.  We, however, managed the amount sent diligently to cover quite a number of children, especially those from very poor families that could not afford to contribute the required symbolic payment to help buy materials for their treatment.

The adults who sought help from GLORES for the treatment of arthritis, lumbago, sciatic nerve injury and other pathologies that need physiotherapy helped a great deal to bring income for the treatment of the poorer children.

The increase in the number of children and adults for treatment kept us very  busy.  One other problem we have is the need for a Secretary who could have helped us in compiling timely reports.

We are presently trying to raise some money in preparation of the visit of the Paramount Chief of Bafoussam to meet the handicapped children and to see the work of GLORES in his area of jurisdiction. We will need to invite the children treated in GLORES, the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the West, the Media and other personalities. We hope to use the occasion for publicity and to raise funds too.



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