The Covid 19 crisis began in January 2020 in Wuhan, China and within days spread across the world and till today has become a major challenging factor and created a global health emergency. India is alerted starting from Kerala by identifying passengers coming to Indian Airports from overseas. The first lockdown in India was started on 20th March, 2020 and till today (15-09-2020) normalcy has not been established. The current Indian population is 1.3 billion people. Everyone feared the impact of Covid-19 if not brought under control. Thanks to the Indian Government and State Governments for tackling this outbreak collectively. An impressive role was played by the Doctors, Nurses, Sanitary Workers and Police in combating spreading of this virus. The Indian Council of Medical Research suggests that it is not over and can be repeated if health related precautions are not taken care of i.e. Mask, Sanitizer, Cleanliness, Social Distance etc. The current statistics in India related to Covid-19 is declining but the virus is still prevailing in a few locations across the country. Our Prime Minister warned the country to not fear the virus and respect the people who are positive and the reality is for everyone to live with it. It can be cured and vaccines are coming shortly to tackle the problem. Current Indian statistics show the total number of positive cases is 5.02 million and deaths are 82,066. In Andhra Pradesh the state total number of positive cases is 514,000 and deaths are 5,041.

Hearts covered relief assistance in four Tribal colonies in and around Bapatla town and rural areas two times till date. The word Tribe is based on Caste reservation system called Scheduled Tribe (ST) and some others are Scheduled Caste (SC), Backward Classes (BC), Minorities (Muslim) and rest are general who are upper caste i.e. Brahmins, Pundits, Merchants etc. India is a huge populated country and illiteracy plays a major role for academic and employment opportunities. Therefore without reservations for underprivileged population, there is no chance at all for their children getting into Universities, Government jobs etc. Under the Caste system, Scheduled Tribes are downtrodden, looked down upon and particularly on those who are illiterate. Usually they live out of the towns especially on river or canal banks. The Government talks about equality for ST population in line with others but in practice it’s not happening.

We have identified four colonies where the population are living in thatched roof palm leaf houses and it is shocking to know the many hurdles they are facing under the lockdown due to Covid-19. In one of the colony, Hearts runs a Day Care Centre for children to come to school.

Colonies helped:        Tribal population in four colonies namely:

1) Krupanagar Colony – 85 families

2) Ramnagar Colony – 90 families

3) Venkata Reddy Colony – 60 families

4) Matsyapuri Colony – 30 families

Total – 265 families

A family includes husband, wife, children and grand parents, if any. Approximately on an average we have reached 1,000 people who are children and adults.

Activities:                    We have carried out following activities:

  • Purchasing of food supplies (Rice & Groceries), vegetables, fruits, milk etc.
  • Purchasing of masks, sanitizers, medicines etc.
  • Distribution of food supplies and other items as per pre plans and discussions with the beneficiaries
  • Involving local community resource persons i.e. school teachers, health workers, Pastors etc.
  • Creating awareness on Covid-19 precautions


  • Each family received approx. 5 kilos Rice, 1 kilo Red gram dal, 1 kilo Wheat, 1 kilo Sugar, 1 kilo Oil.
  • Each family received approx. 1 kilo each variety of vegetables i.e. tomatoes, potatoes, onions, brinjal, beans, chillies, milk and a dozen eggs.
  • Each family received a pack of Mask & Sanitizer
  • Each family received a pack of first aid medicines i.e fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea, de-worming and multi vitamins.

Apart from Tribal colonies, Hearts also helped children’s parents from Hearts Children Home. Since lockdown the parents or guardians of children are out of work. They have struggled a lot financially. The Government supplied Rice and Dal but they had to buy other ingredients to cook a meal.

Please support the work of the Future in Our Hands Education and Development Fund whose aim is to help and empower some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people by:

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  • Direct grant to the charity’s bank account or by cheque to:        fiohfund.addressBank account details:
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Cheques should be made payable to the
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