Images – Post war Rural Development in the Tonkolili District

SIERRA LEONE Vocational training at Mile 91. Carpentry 2000 Carpentry training at MIle 91 2002 Trainees at Mile 91 vocational training centre Victims of the civil conflict 1999 Women making soap in Yonibana FIOH Sierra Leone vocational training centre at Mile 91- 2000 Swindon school collecting shoe boxes of aid 1996 Internall displaced people queuing for food at Mile 91-1999 Project launch 1997 Seed multiplication programme 2000 Cassava plantation at Yonibana 2000

Mike Thomas and Edward Kargbo at Mamyoko heliport

Mike Thomas and Edward Kargbo at Mamyoko heliport Displaced people from Makeni fleeing rebels 1999 Eddie Kargbo giving a bicycle to a boy whose father was killed in the civil conflict Displaced people at Mile 91 - 1999 Rebel attack on convoy 1996 Edward Kargbo's family living in the bush 1998 Aid being distributed to displaced people at Mile 91 - 1996 Trainees at Mile 91 - 2000 sierra.leone.conflict. Boy soldiers

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