Images – Tree planting and environmental education in Africa


cameroon.shumas. Environmental education1 cameroon.shumas. Environmental education2 cameroon.camgew. Reforestation in Oku, NW region 2015 cameroon.camgew. Environmental education3 cameroon.camgew. Reforestation in Oku2, 2015 cameroon.camgew. Environmental education. Children collecting tree seeds, Oku cameroon.camgew. Children collecting seeds cameroon.camgew. reforestation in Kijum Ilim forest, Oku Grass being gathered for compost Formation of contour ridges Sticks being gathered for fencing Clearing land to be used for gardening School children weeding Environmental education in school garden Children weeding Environmental education in school garden Children showing poster of wild animals Children planting tree seedlings with Mussie Hailu cameroon.shumas.eucalyptus.replacement.project.phase1. Site of pilot project at Kongir, Kumbo. Volunteer Lizzie Jeans 2001 fioh.kenya. Tree nursery in Busia

fioh.kenya. FIOH Kenya tree nursery at Buburi Health Clinic, Busia patia.cameroon. Pyjum Africana plantation near Kumbo fioh. ghana.permaculture.ghana. High school garden

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