Open day at GLORES Treatment Centre


Visitors on the open day The open day that took place on May 29, 2018 was impromptu. The Sacta quarter notables of the Chieftency of Bafoussam informed GLORES of a visit with the entire quarter inhabitants. For them the building of GLORES New Centre was a big achievement in the village of Njingah and they thought  that the Centre should be given a warm welcome by the village.
The gathering was attended by 40 persons from the village with 15 notables present. In a speech delivered by the quarter head (Sub-Chief) of Njingah on the occasion the Chief welcomed GLORES to the village. He said that all the workers in GLORES should feel at home and know that they are now welcomed as inhabitants of Njingah village. He said that GLORES, being the only rehabilitation centre in the West Region of Cameroon and constructed in their village, was a great privilege for the village.  He said that the New Centre has contributed to the development of the village.
More importantly it has put their village on the map as people will be coming from all over the West and neighbouring Regions  of Cameroon for treatment of their disabled children. He paid tribute to the work GLORES is doing to help disabled children especially those from very poor families. He was particularly impressed by the fact that since he had known the work of the Centre no child has ever been left out for lack of resources.
He concluded that he was going to inform the Paramount Chief of Bafoussam about the warm welcome GLORES gave them during the open day and about the good work being done. He announced a second visit when the Coordinator of GLORES, Alfred Wingo, will be presented as a notable in the village with full rights.
The New Centre was blessed in the traditional way and the ancestors were invoked to guide and protect the Centre.
GLORES Association dance groupThe occasion was animated by the GLORES Association Cultural Music Group and everyone danced to exhaustion. After the dance, many people expressed the desire to become members of the  Group.
The open  concluded by a reception offered

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