World History Competition

Prizes were given out to students from the Mike Thomas secondary school in Sierra Leonne who took part in a recent competition presenting their knowledge of history. After teaching “The Usbourne Encyclopedia of World History” in classrooms, it raised a lot of questions so the school organised the competition.

Students took the opportunity to read the book and then present what they had learnt from it – the prizes were given to the two who made the best presentation.

A girl, Mariatu Conteh won the competition, and a boy Lamin Conteh was runner-up.


It can be difficult getting hold of educational materials and factual resources in Africa – and after seeing how well students engaged with the book, the school has now made it part of it’s curriculum.

The encylopedia is a comprehensive introduction to world history from prehistoric times to the start of the 21st century. Including information on dinosaurs, the first humans, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe, the World Wars and other major events in history.


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