Future in Our Hands Kenya activities 2016

        FIOH-KENYA REPORT – 2016

  1. WOMEN CREDIT UNION: The women have been going on well with their loaning program. The money received from Ebay boosted their kitty very well. The capacity building workshop held for the women groups has really motivated them and the results can be seen from their return reports.
  2. THE YOUTH GROUP: The poultry project by Usoma Shiners youth group is still stable. The group now has 500 hens . This project was co–funded through FIOH-USA in 2013. The group plans to venture into fish farming by putting up a fish pond along Lake Victoria so as to preserve the rare species that are facing extinction due to use of poor fishing methods.
  3. THE COW PROJECT: This is known as the Poor Man’s Bank Initiative whereby we fund women groups to purchase dairy cows that they can easily manage and take care of. They are taught to use the wastes from the cow to practice organic farming in their gardens so as to help in nutrition. The little money they get from sale of milk is used for subsistence.  So far, two groups have been funded and we have proposal for 4 more groups.
  4. WELLS: The latest well in Wathorego Kibos is complete and is serving the residents well. All the other wells are in good working condition. The well was donated by a volunteer from USA at a cost of $3000. It serves approximately 300 households in this village with an average of 6 people per household. FIOH- K has identified 3 more villages that are in dire need of water i.e Mawego village, Seme Village and Alego. Both Geological and hydrological surveys have been carried out . We are looking for sponsors or donors to fund these projects. The wells that have been dug through donation from FIOH-USA have reached 20 in number.

5.TREE NURSERY: Due to the effect of global warming,
deforestation is rate is alarming. We have started a campaign
for reforestation in Kisumu County .We envisage to start tree
seedling nurseries in each of the 7 sub counties of Kisumu in
order to create awareness on importance of trees. It has not
rained since May. Even the long rains of April and May which
is normally used for planting season failed that people are
facing starvation. A proposal for this too is ready and has been
sent several organizations with no response yet.We are looking
for partners towards this endeavour.


It was Rom’s wish and dream to have a community Library
and resource center in Usoma village where he taught for his
entire teaching career. This he said would stump out illiteracy
and create awareness among the vulnerable people in the
village. Land has been donated for this, and a proposal ready
for the same. We haven’t submitted the proposal to any

Our main partner is still FIOH-USA which primarily funds the
orphans education program and HIV and AIDS program.
resources are limited as they too depend on donors.
We are very much in contact with Sr.Linda and she visited for
2 months this year with another volunteer.

Paul Odhiambo, Co-ordinator.

        Winners of Rom Scholarship prize Posho mill in Seme village Ober village well   


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