Global Rehabilitation Services Report Sept 2021


July 23, 2021

Listed below are the children that have been treated and those that are still following treatment. The first chart shows the children that were in the last report of March 2021 that had not completed their treatment and the outcome of their treatment. The second chart shows those children that have been admitted after the report of March 2021 till July 2021. The outcome of the treatment was largely successful except a few that stopped treatment and those that needed long term treatment.

The number of children that have come for treatment greatly improved with the reduction of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Centre received 125 children during 2021 but 68 children actually came back for treatment. We are still waiting for more of the 67 children that did not come since the long school holidays break has not yet ended. We believe that the children that have not come for treatment after evaluation is due to the financial hardship resulting from the Covid-19 in Cameroon. Parents are finding it hard to provide their symbolic contributions and to pay for transport. However the availability of the new vehicle from Miva has helped a great deal to fetch some of the children in villages but it is difficult to do that in all the villages.

With the new vehicle donated by MIVA, we are now able to reach many villages for the CBR (Community-based rehabilitation) programme on a monthly basis. We hope to organize groups of concerned individuals and the parents of the affected children in  many villages. This will give us the opportunity to meet many disabled children and bring them for treatments although bringing many children for treatment will be difficult due to financial problems of the parents and GLORES.

WE must thank FIOH for the provision of £1 600 that helped quite a good number of children. The contribution of the adult patients who have to pay for their treatment is also helping us financially.

As you might have noted, most of the adult patients we saw have one common problem, sciatic nerve compression and low back pain. The thing is that GLORES is gaining a reputation in the treatment of sciatic nerve complications so much so that many patients with that problem are being referred to GLORES. We have successfully helped patients with this complication to avoid expensive surgery. The majority of patients with this complication are women due to farming and carrying of heavy loads of farm products.

















3 Meke Christna 1 ms F Bilateral club feet Sacta Plastering plus special shoes Discharged with follow-up
4 Taboue Bassime 2 y F Bilateral varus knees Tchichap Stretching and splints Calipers discontinued and dischared
5 Djeleseck Lewis 4 y M Left herb palsy Dschang Functional reeducation Affected arm functional, discharged
6 Mfor Blessing 10 ms F Bilateral varus knees Djeleng 2 Stretching and splints

Splints discontinued with


7 Dongfack Tsamo 7 y F Retarded development Yaounde Functional reeducation Parents stopped treatment although there was improvement
8 Mafeugoum Doriane 18 y F Prenatal deformaton of right leg Bafoussam Mobility splint Can walk successfully but still comes for splits repairs.
9 Tadjuidje Henri 3 y M Retarded development Bamenze Functional reeducation Still coming for treatment (Long term treatment)
10 Kengue Oumbe Valyros 3 y M Bilateral valgus knees Baleng Stretching and splints Splints discontinued and dischared
11 Sapo Eurich 4 y M Bilateral valgus knees Baleng Stretching and splints Splints removed with follow-up
12 Kamche Lliaken 11 ms M Bilateral valgus knees Bamenze Stretching and splinting Discharged
13 Feupossi Tenny 2.5 y M Bilatral valgus knees Djassa Stretching and splinting Splints discontinued and dischared
14 Takeo F Congenital deformation of lower limbs Baham Muscle strengthening exercises and  ambulation splints Can walk with help of splints, going to school and follow-up repairs.
15 Kuate Tresor 4 y M Spastic Cerebral palsy Bamenze Functional reeducation Still under treatment (long term treatment)
16 Moujaita Nabia 9 y F Quadruplegy due to attack of meningitis Banengo Functional reeducation followed by splinting  Resumed treatment after parents stopped bringing the child.
17 Bayang Marie Chantal 10 y F Lower limb contracture and spasticity Correction of Achile tendons and, coordination exercises Can work independently but still comes for control.
18 Randy M Spastic cerebral palsy Bamenda Therapeutic exercises, replacement of splints due to growth. Deformation of lower limbs corrected, spasticity amazingly reduced. Walks with assistance and following home treatment and coming for follow-up



















1 Mandefo Marie 71 y F Inflammatory arthritis Socada Pain management Her situation is unfortunately chronic and will need  PT (bone degeneration)
2 Janette Yoghae 50 y F Sciatic nerve injury Eveché Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Neurosurgery recommended although she is feels no serious pains
3 Nopoupoji marie 60 y F Frozen shoulder Bamedze Pain management, therapeutic exercises Full recovery
4 Magne Deodone 60 y Fraction contracture left knee following an accident Njingah Stretching, massage Left knees straightened
5 Tene Pelagie 38 y F Sciatic nerve Compression Kamkouop Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Recovered
   6 Moujiata Nabia 9 y Paraplegia following meningitis Banengo Therapeutic exercises, splinting Can walk using splints and coming for follow-up treatment
7 Sr.  Margrette Madjou 54 y F Sciatic nerve compression Bamendju Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Discharged satisfaction
8 Echia Mercy 61 y F Sciatic nerve compression Banengo Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Fully recovered
9 Salamatou Ndikea 35 y F Neglected sub luxation of left hip Banego Therapeutic exercises, shoe adaptation Can walk straight with orthopaedic shoes
10 Kenge Abertine 55 y F Low back pain Bamendju Therapeutic exercises Discharged  with satisfaction
11 Koagne Wembo 62 F Sciatic nerve compression Njinngah Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Discharged recovered
12 Mefoukah Therese 43 y F Sciatic nerve injury Tounjie Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises Discharged , full recovery
13 Sister Clementine 47 y F Sciatic nerve compression Njounang Lumber traction,  therapeutic exercises She refused neurosurgery, came to GLORES and recovered fully since then she has recommended many patients to GLORES
14 Chinda Soh 18 y M Trauma contraction left knee Tocket Stretching, therapeutic exercises Right knee brought to 90 degrees and functional
15 Zoukou Nouel 3 y M Bilateral  16tibia internal rotation Maeture Therapeutic exercises, splinting Both knees corrected
Kadji Veronique 47 y F Sciatic nerve compression Magoua Lumber traction,  therapeutic Neurosurgery recommended but she refused
16 Ayanga Noubissi 49 y M Sciatic nerve compression Socada Lumber traction,  therapeutic Discharged recovered
17 Kuetang Benadette 40 y F Left wrist fracture contracture Quartier Haoussa Therapeutic exercises, splinting Contracture straightened but hand function still to recover
18 Mamma Zargaou 2 y F Bilateral Valgus knees Bamendze Stretching, splinting Both knees straightened and discharged
19 Taa Ndifo 40 y M

Sciatic nerve compression


Sacta Lumber traction,  therapeutic Referred for neurosurgery
20 Jidam Mohamed 5 y M Inflammation right leg following accident Banefo Pain management Recovered fully
21 Tongho Gabriel 74 y M Sciaic nerve injury Quartier Haoussa Lumber traction,  therapeutic Did not fully recovered and was referred for neurosurgery in Yaounde
24 Nganueu Myles 4 y M Bilateral valgus knees Maeture Stretching, splinting Discharged with deformation fully corrected
25 Zoakeu Mechelini 45 y F Sciatic nerve compression Njounang Lumber traction,  therapeutic Treated and discharged
26 Djoungouang Roselini 55 y F Sciatic nerve compression Djeleng 3 Lumber traction,  therapeutic Fully recovered
27 Barmi Delphine 45 y F Disc hernia Njounang Mild traction, therapeutic exercises, pain management  Recovered and  avoided neurological operation
28 Mabouo Regine 60 y F Sciatic nerve compression Bamendze Lumber traction,  therapeutic Recovered and discharged
29 Tina Talep 3 y F Bilateral valgus knees Tchichap Stretching, splinting Deformation fully corrected, splint discontinued
30 Kenge Yvama 13 y F Windswept deformity Banengo Stretching, splinting Wearing splints and following the bi-weekly control visits
31 Nana Epse Tchounje 65 y F Sciatic nerve compression Yaounde Lumber traction,  therapeutic Recovered after the recommended 2 week treatment
32 Kamar Joan 3 y F Bilateral valgus knees Stade Stretching, splinting Wearing splints and coming for bi-weekly control
33 Mbeutsing Josephine 36 y F Discal hernia Bamoungoum Mild traction, therapeutic exercises, pain management Recovered after 3 week treatment
34 Penha Celestine 46 y F Discal hernia Kamkouop Mild traction, 35therapeutic ex36ercises, pain man37agement Recovered after 2 week treatment
35 Fotso Joan 9 y M Flexion contracture of knees Bamendze Undergoing preparation for splints
Naghe Gaston 42 y M Trauma right ankle TPO Pain management Undergoing PT
36 Djeussi  Benadette 33 y Lumbargo Bamendze Therapeutic exercises

Good progress

Still on treatment

37 Ayuk Ruth 52 y F Low back pain due to arthritis Banengo Therapeutic exercises Still on therapy
38 Mafogie George 3 y M Windswept deformity Douala Stretching, splinting Undergoing preparation for splints
39 Cecilia Tenkeu 68 y F Paralysis of right arm Tamdja Therapeutic exercises Still on treatment
40 Mapah Esmila 3 y F Left club foot Bamendze Stretching then splinting Undergoing PT then splinting
41 Tsabou Leonoura 7 m F Fracture right femur Djeleng 1

Plaster immobilization

(2 months)

To remove POP in 2 months.



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