Future in Our Hands Sierra Leone update 2018

Update on Eco-Village – Sierra Leone

The eco-village on agriculture and food security was initiated by Future In Our Hands (FIOH) in 2016 having being connected to GEN Africa. The program aims at promoting food and nutrition security and increased income – especially for women farmers through scaling up best practices in crop production, livestock and establishment of women Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) to sustain and expand project activities. So far, three (3) pilot eco-village sites have being established in three (3) chiefdoms based on eco-village strategies for sustainability and adaptation using agro-ecological principles in farming – composting for zero waste (using kitchen and poultry wastes), organic farming and encouraging farmers to move from upland farming to agro-ecological low lands to reduce deforestation which has targeted four hundred and fifty (450) farmers (three hundred (300) female and one hundred and fifty (150) male).

Project intervention includes:

·         Crop production sector

Training of farmer on the cultivation of high protein and micro-nutrient food crops (using good agronomic practices) training on organic agriculture.

FIOH agricultural activities Image2 Image3 Image4
Image5 Image7 Image6
1. Vegetable onion. Irrigation activity
2. Groundnut farmers. Weeding activity
3. Okra crop
4. Sweet potato crop
5. Maize plantation farm

·         Livestock sector

Training of women on modern poultry production and improvement of local breeds (chickens) using cross breeding by women farmers.
Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11
6.  Women involved in poultry production and improvement of local breeds of chicken through cross-breeding

·         Nutrition Sector

Training of women on appropriate nutritional feeding methods and practices
Image12 Image13

7. Rehabilitation of malnourished children through exclusive breast feeding and nutritious food

·         Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs)

Establishment of women Village Savings and Loans Associations to provide members access to loan facilities in order to stimulate local economic growth.
8. Loan collection and disbursement meeting by the Womens Village Savings and Loans Association


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